Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who attended the online release of my latest album, Taking It to the Top! So far, we have raised around $200 for the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition from the sale of the album! It may be a while for my next release, since I’m preparing to graduate from NCCU in the spring, but stay tuned! May everyone be well!

The Studio

Sure, it’s just a corner of our dining room which is a corner of our living room, but it’s home! Actually, I don’t really sit back there much. It’s mostly a fort to protect my guitar from kids. Casio LK-46 on top there over the Peavey. Grammy’s spoon collection on the wall. Art by Travis Cohn above and FRANCO below.

George Floyd

This is video from my wife’s church, where members rang the bell for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, the amount of time George Floyd had a cop’s knee on his neck before he died.

It was a powerful reminder of the fleetingness of life and the need to treat it preciously and justly.

George Floyd didn’t deserve to be murdered and neither did the untold numbers of other black lives that have ended prematurely at the hands of racists. DEFUND THE POLICE. BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Donate to the effort for justice at

August 8, 2020 “Taking It to the Top” album release/fundraiser for NC Harm Reduction Coalition

Hi Friends,

For the past few years, I’ve worked on this album when I wasn’t busy being a dad or going to work or school. Some big stuff happened in my life over that time, including the birth of my second child, the death of my grandmother from Alzheimer’s and the death of my brother from addiction. To honor my brother and support the services and legislative changes that need to happen to better address drug abuse in the US, I am donating all proceeds from this album to the NC Harm Reduction Coalition. The album will be available for “pay what you want” purchase at or you can donate directly to event will consist of a short introduction, me pressing “play,” and a brief closing. Feel free to move about the cabin once we reach cruising altitude 🙂

All the love,


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